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Posted on 10-05-2017

Do you remember what life was like before cell phones, especially smart phones? Some may say life was primitive and not as beneficial to communication and some may say life was much simpler and less distracting. Regardless of your stance, a very large number of the world’s population uses cell phones in their daily activities, approximately 4.77 BILLION people.

But just how safe is cell phone use?

Most conventional experts don’t view cell phone use as a danger, but those doing the research are only really looking at one component of cell phone safety, thermal effects, which does not measure the risk from the actual frequencies of the cell phone or the magnetic fields created by the batteries.

The most dangerous component of cell phone use has to do with radiofrequency waves which falls between those emitted by FM radios and those from microwaves. When you make a call, text, or use data, your cell phone sends RF saves from its antenna to a nearby tower, and receives RF waves in return to its antenna. If you hold your phone close to your face, about 70% of the energy from the antenna is absorbed straight into your head. Simply put, your head is receiving radiation and can affect your brain. Since children’s skull walls are not as thick, they are at a much higher risk of the RF waves entering their brain, causing DNA damage in brain cells. In 2011, research from the International Agency for research on Cancer declared cell phones a Class B carcinogen, classifying them in the same category of certain pesticides, heavy metals, and engine exhaust.

Tips to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation:

  • Don’t allow your child or pre-teen use a cell phone
  • Avoid holding your phone directly against your head, especially while your call connects- which is when the power surge is greatest
  • Use your speakerphone option or a safe headset to ensure the phone is a safe distance away from your body/head
  • Turn your phone off when you don’t need it
  • Use a landline at home and at work
  • Avoid using your cell phone if reception is poor
  • Limit cell phone use in your car- the metal parts of your car can magnify the radiation
  • Limit your phone call to less than 2 minutes if you have to place it against your head

We definitely want you to take precaution when using your cell phone, understanding they will continue to be used, but we hope you will take these tips into consideration for your safety. 

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