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The Ketogenic Diet and Migraine Relief

Posted on 08-17-2017

I remember the first time I had a migraine. I has just started working at a daycare in college and all the screaming must have really gotten to me because I started losing my peripheral vision. Th...

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Dairy, saturated fats, and heart health.

Posted on 08-11-2017

The war on saturated fat continues to rage on, misleading and confusing many people about certain dietary concerns, especially regarding dairy. For many decades, nutrition experts have advised the...

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Should you avoid a high fat diet while pregnant?

Posted on 08-09-2017

Proper diet and nutrition guidelines during pregnancy have changed a lot over the years, informing women of what foods to eat and what foods to stay away from. The newest culprit in the “sta...

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Pass the Salt, Please.

Posted on 08-04-2017

It seems the medical community has been known to falsely accused important nutrients as “the bad guys.” From saturated fats to cholesterol, people have been drilled to “stay far ...

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Losing your hair? Take a look at what you are eating.

Posted on 08-01-2017

Men and women alike suffer from hair loss as they age, but some far worse than others, and sometimes much earlier on in life than they should. For a long time, it was thought that this was because...

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Dr. Wipperman is friendly, knowledgeable and really cares about your health. The excellent information he has to share about your spinal health is more than you might expect! His staff is warm and friendly, and really helpful. While I started seeing Dr. Wipperman for one specific problem, over the course of my care, I am truly seeing the benefits to my overall health. I highly recommend Ballas Chiropractic!

Sherry B.
Creve Coeur, MO

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