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I have been seeing Dr. Wipperman for over 12 years, first for chiropractic to help chronic headaches, and later for both chiro and nutrition. He's incredibly knowledgeable and helped me from the beginning. He decreased the pain and tought me how to alleviate the remaining headaches. Later, when my primary care and other MDs could not effectively diagnose or manage other issues, we began a journey to see how food and nutrients were affecting my health. (Most recently, we've discovered a genetic mutation that hinders my body's ability to convert b12 and folic acid to usable forms. This has explained or eliminated many of my recurring issues.)

What I love most about "Doc," as his friendly staff calls him, is unlike many his approach is NOT "one size fits all." He truly takes an interest in the whole you and makes suggestions accordingly. Finally, his treatment plans are a partnership. He fully explains what's going on as he sees it and the various approaches you may want to take. Then YOU make the decision on how to proceed.

P.S. Take a look at the videos on his website to see him in action.

S. B.

Until seeing Dr. Wipperman, I did not at all believe in chiropractic. When I first met with him and he told me that chiropractic could help my chronic asthma (that I have have suffered with for 23 years), I thought that he was out of his mind. After a month of regular chiropractic care and adjustments, I noticed that medication intake had decreased. While I am not on a controller medication, I was using an entire rescue inhaler each month. After the first month, I noticed that I was using about 40% less. I didn't want to give him all of the credit, but I kept going and getting adjusted. After 3 months, I noticed that my asthma medication consumption has decreased by 67% (and I hasn't taken a single allergy pill since the "season" had started). This experience made me a true believer. I will not say that my asthma is cured, but my QUALITY OF LIFE has greatly improved, and it's nice not having to spend $50 a month on an inhaler. THANKS, DR. WIPPERMAN!!!!


I have been going to Ballas Chiropractic for several years now and can truly attest to the great results that I am enjoying from good and thorough chiropractic adjustment. Not only do they excel in chiropractic, but the staff's knowledge and focus on overall heath, exercise and nutrition if very refreshing. In addition, one the major pluses is the amazing staff from Dr. Wipperman, himself, through every associate. Everyone is personable, attentive and very professional. It makes so much difference in any business when the people treat you as a human being and not just a 'customer' or 'patient'. Keep up the great work guys!

T. L.

I have been going to Dr. Wipperman for almost a year now. His staff is friendly and efficient and always works me in even when I miss an appointment :) Dr. Wipperman has helped me regain strength in my back and a better health routine.

T. C.

I am very pleased over all with Dr. Wiperman's Care, practice, location, and most of his staff! I would recommend him to and his facility to anyone if they want a REALLY knowledgeable, all around natural health/well-being focused, caring, understanding, yet structured business!

J. F.

Dr. Wipperman and staff are amazing, they explain everything and make you feel so welcome and comfortable. After just a few visit I feel 100 times better. Could not reccomend anyone other than Ballas Chiropractic!

K. M.

Great staff and environment! I love Ballas Chiropractic & Nutrition Centre!

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Over the past 10+ years I have suffered neck strains, damaged shoulders, chronic back fatigue and S/I joint dislocations. Doc Wipperman and his dedicated staff have been essential in my rehab and further prevention of these injuries. Without them, my life would not include activities which I love such as football, softball, and soccer. I encourage anyone with such ailments to check out the facility and experience some of the advanced therapies offered.

One Very Satisfied Customer

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After doing massage therapy for Dr. Wipperman and his clients since August 2007, the staff and the clients are fun and great people to work with. I would recommend Dr. Wipperman for his ability to address a person's physical nature and gives thorough recommendations. You will be treated right from the time you arrive to the time you leave.

Thanks, Team!
Vicki C.

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For tthe last year I have been coming to DR Wipperman, In that years time I have seen a great difference in my energy level and not to mention the backaches I had been experiencing. I also enjoy how personable the staff is. Thanks for all you help!

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I highly recommend Ballas Chirpractic! Dr. Wipperman and his staff go above and beyond to provide quality health care for their patients. Not only does Dr. Wipperman take the time to give you a back and neck adjustment, he always wants to make sure you are healthy and in good shape. I consider him to be my regular doctor since I see him more than any other doctor, and he knows more about my overall health and gives recommendations to help me resolve issues in a holistic manor versus prescriptions. He will do whatever he can to assist you in being the healthiest you can be!

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Dr. Wipperman and staff are excellent. After having retired from 40 years in the medical field I have absolute confidence in Dr. Wipperman and credit him with my mobility and ease of movement. I lead a very active life style and keep up with people 40+ years my junior. I consider Dr. Wipperman a partner in my continued health plan. Dr, Wipperman has treated three generations of my family and is currently performing his "miracles" on my 6 year old grandson, who giggles every time he is adjusted. He loves to hear the "popcorn".

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Excellent health care. Great staff and Dr. Wipperman is tops.
PLUS- If you like promptness concerning your appointment time, you'll be very pleased.

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Outsanding health care center.


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